Saturday, February 21, 2009

Streetcar detours!

I just noticed a bug!  The streetcar has a "detour" today, but because the Streetcar data is different the software cannot detect it.  I have a fix for it now, but I won't update it until there are more things to fix.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Arrival times seem to not show in PDXBus when running under the 3.0 OS (beta 1 or beta 2). Just wanted to make sure you knew.

Teleportaloo said...

I know! I have rebuilt it with the 3.0 SDK and it appears to fix it. If you need this version please leave your email in a comment (I will not publish the email) but send you instructions so I can give you an "ad hoc" version that will work!

Major Clanger said...

FYI: I fixed this issue with the 3.0 SDK, it is now waiting for approval.