Sunday, June 15, 2014

Version 7.1 approved in record time (after requesting an expedited review)

This fix will sort out the problems with the Streetcar and had several other bug fixes I had been working on. It should be in the store any moment now.

7.1 - Bug fixes

Fix for all Streetcar arrivals - the data provider changed the data without any warning (the data doesnt come from TriMet, but from a third party called 'NextBus').

  • Added backBookmarks at the top’ setting.
  • iOS 7: Fixed refresh timer button so it doesnt flash.
  • iOS 7: Fixed some graphics glitches.
  • Canceled buses show the time crossed out.
  • Fixed app store link from main screen.
  • Now uses Apples geocoder for getting addresses from GPS locations.
  • Fixed issues when GPS is used for destination in Trip Planner.
  • Added back proximity alarm icon.
  • Removed black color theme; it does not work well in iOS7.
  • Changed JELD-WEN Field to Providence Park. Go Timbers!
  • Added route map with stops to arrival details.
  • Toolbar map icon now behaves consistently added new menu item to map arrivals
  • Added new URL scheme to allow other apps to launch PDX Buss trip planner.
  • Icon has been tweaked.
  • Improved responsiveness, memory usage and display of MAX & Streetcar maps.
  • Minor fixes to station search.
  • The Nearby stops option for arrivals has been updated to to show maps, routes or arrivals.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Streetcar arrivals broken, for the time being

Sorry, but the folks that provide the Streetcar arrives times (not TriMet!) changed the way it works and so broke PDX Bus.  I'm not able to fix it quickly, so it will be broken for a while.  However, there is a way to work around it.

In the app, go to settings.  Scroll down to where it says "Tracker link" and turn that on (see below):

Then when you see a stop with no arrivals like below, choose "Check TriMet web site" and you'll get the arrivals.

Then you'll see the web page with arrivals: