Sunday, December 21, 2014

Version 7.2 was released to the app store today!

UPDATE:  The app has been approved, but it may not be released until after the holidays as Apple is about to shutdown.  Let's see what happens!

Today I have released version 7.2 to the app store.  This has a several changes including:

  • Updated for iOS 8.
  • Updated streetcar data source - now the streetcar data comes directly from TriMet.  I did this as the Streercar data originally came from a different company, but they keep changing the way the data works which would break all the apps. This won't happen again as now TriMet is also providing the data.
  • Native support for iPhone 6 + 6 Plus screen sizes.
  • New MAX and WES map.
  • Added text to explain the different colors used for the arrival times.
  • Changed the keyboard type to allow emoji again.
I've been sitting on this release for a while, and have been too busy to release it (I do this in my spare time!).

I'm still working on other enhancements (e.g. prepping for localization, and watch support).  One day I'd like to fix the user interface too!

Enjoy.  Happy Hols!