Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I created a twitter account for updates & postings about PDX Bus.   Follow me at http://twitter.com/pdxbus.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Version 3.1 is now available

The newest update to PDX Bus is now available in the app store.  This contains several updates and fixes that were suggested by people that commented on this blog:

Version 3.1 contains several user-requested features, including:  
  • Auto-refesh - arrivals will auto-refresh every minute (until the phone goes to sleep). [Suggested by Gordon and muffin man]
  • New colorful icons [Suggested by me] 
  • Updated map integration -added back an old feature in a different way - each location on the map can be opened in Google maps, so you can get directions or search for nearby businesses. [Suggested by jwdoom] 
  • More Trip Planner options, and a new screen to change them [Suggested by jwdoom]
  • Improved accessibility - VoiceOver text is now more logical. (VoiceOver is also better with iPhone OS 3.1 as it will also read out the stop names). [Suggested by Gordon] 
  • Network diagnostics - if PDX Bus does not get any data it can display information about what went wrong. [Added as a result of question from Beth and Adam] 
  • Some bug fixes (including fixing the crash when you remove the last bookmark). [Found by Anonymous].  
  • There are also new settings to turn off the icons, change the default trip planner options, and turn off auto-refresh.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Green Line

PDX Bus is working just fine with the new green line; TriMet added it to the list of routes, and a new line called "MAX Mall Shuttle".   However, if you want to use the "Locate Nearby Stops" then you'll need to "Update the Stop Location Database" just one more time.

Here is a picture of the first Green Line train that I took after I got off it!