Sunday, November 12, 2017

Version 10

Version 10 has finally been released.  This version has a lot of updates behind the scenes again, making it use more modern code.   Lots of small issues have been fixed and some big ones.  I've been working on this on-and-off all summer. :-)
  • You can now add trips to the calendar again.  (The date and time was wrong due a typo in a refactor).
  • All new rail map.  This was a pain as all the stations moved around a little and so I have to adjust where the map responds to being touched.
  • TriMet shortened the name of a few stations e.g. Orenco, so changed the names in the code.
  • There used to be big old clunky QR code reader library.  This is no longer needed as there is one built into iOS.  This will enable me to modernize the whole code structure later
  • iOS 11 and iPhone X work - had issues with scrolling and screen sizes.  
  • There was code to support a prototype  Pebble watch feature.  It's all gone now.  Goodbye Pebble.
  • Refactored the arrivals and trips to use more modern methods;  works better on different sized screens.
  • The blue dot and square to indicate the line color is now a bit bigger and there is always space for it.
  • Detours are formatted better and grouped better.