Sunday, April 11, 2010

[UPDATED] TriMet arrival servers *were* down

[Update:  everything is working. Move along now, nothing to see here!]

The servers that supply the arrival times, route names and stop names are not working right now.  I have emailed TriMet about it, but it is a Sunday.

The trip planner does appear to be working - so you can use that to get your arrival times, or call 503-238-RIDE.

(This picture is from the simulator - there is an extra line there for the Streercar servers which do appear to be working).

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rider Alerts & PDX Bus versions in the pipeline

I just noticed that the Rider Alerts page is broken for PDX Bus.  This appears to be because Apple's RSS reader page no longer works when it is used inside applications.  I have a fix for this, but it may be little while before it is released, but not too long I hope!

Version 4.0 is being tested now.  This includes:
  • - Improvements to the Streetcar features, adding location and map support for the streetcars.  This was quite a lot of work, having to "mash up" data from  Next Bus (who provide the Streetcar data).
  • - Complete support for the iPad, including a full screen display and full screen maps.
  • - Fixes for the issues with Rider Alerts.  This was fixed by using a custom page for the RSS feeds.
  • - Copy trip to clipboard - this enables a trip to be copied to the notepad or an SMS message.
FWIW - I didn't buy an iPad... I'm waiting for a 3G version at the end of the month!