Sunday, November 12, 2017

Version 10

Version 10 has finally been released.  This version has a lot of updates behind the scenes again, making it use more modern code.   Lots of small issues have been fixed and some big ones.  I've been working on this on-and-off all summer. :-)
  • You can now add trips to the calendar again.  (The date and time was wrong due a typo in a refactor).
  • All new rail map.  This was a pain as all the stations moved around a little and so I have to adjust where the map responds to being touched.
  • TriMet shortened the name of a few stations e.g. Orenco, so changed the names in the code.
  • There used to be big old clunky QR code reader library.  This is no longer needed as there is one built into iOS.  This will enable me to modernize the whole code structure later
  • iOS 11 and iPhone X work - had issues with scrolling and screen sizes.  
  • There was code to support a prototype  Pebble watch feature.  It's all gone now.  Goodbye Pebble.
  • Refactored the arrivals and trips to use more modern methods;  works better on different sized screens.
  • The blue dot and square to indicate the line color is now a bit bigger and there is always space for it.
  • Detours are formatted better and grouped better.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Version 9 is on its way - waiting for approval from Apple.

It has been a while, some of these fixes are long overdue.  Hope you like it!  There were a lot of changes to modernize the internal code, which is what look a long time to test.

9.0 (December 2016)
- Updated for iOS 10.
- New Portland Streetcar Map.
- Fixed Trip Planner for when locale is set to several non-English locales.
- Watch app is more responsive. (Updated Watch app to be a "native" Watch OS application).
- Lots of bug fixes and UI tweaks (e.g. Contacts in iOS 10).
- Because of Apple tools, removed iOS6/iOS7 support.
- Lots of internal code changes to make new features easier to add...
- Added back link to TriMet Ticket app, as they have fixed their app and it is launchable again.

- Added 'Take me somewhere now' user interface for new bookmarks

New streetcar map:

- Andy

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Version 8.0 has been released to the app store...

Here we go!  Version 8.0 has been a long time being developed, tested, tweaked, re-worked and fiddled with.  Mostly it fixes some iOS9 stuff that got broken, but there are new things all over the place.

Added a bunch of stuff that folks have been asking for, bug fixes and tweaks.

  • Fixed notifications so alarms will work.
  • Updates for iOS 9 including searchable bookmarks, stations and routes. The first 4 bookmarks appear as Quick Actions on the home screen for iPhone 6S.
  • Updated TriMet MAX map - they changed it again to include the new streetcar route names and colors.
  • Using Handoff, arrival screens and trip results can be passed between devices.
  • Watch: Improved navigation though lists of stops on the watch by adding a "Next stop" button where appropriate.
  • Watch: Added automatic commuter bookmark to the watch.
  • Arrival detail screen is now auto-refreshed; added a map so now you watch watch the bus or train get closer as you wait.
  • Added support for iPad split view and overlay;  updated for iPad Pro screen size.
  • Maps that show routes and stops now also show vehicle locations for that route.
  • Maps now show buses & trains as arrows pointing in the direction of travel and using the route color.
  • Trip planner now correctly says to stay on the train if the route color changes (e.g. Orange trains change to Yellow).
  • All distances are now given in tenths of a mile or feet if shorter than 0.1 miles.  Metric distances remain the same.
  • For arrivals, added ability to find the nearest stops going in the other direction.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Streetcar Loops and the Orange Line - I'm working on it!

I'm working on developing a new version of PDX Bus that deals with the renamed Streetcar lines (A Loop and B Loop), plus also adding the Orange Line to the stations and maps.  I hope to have this all available on September 12th!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Apple Watch support released today (version 7.9)

Version 7.9 has been released today, it should be in the app store soon.  It fixes a few bugs and issues, but also adds support for the Apple watch!

Coming soon: support for the Orange line!


  • Added Apple Watch app that supports arrivals for bookmarks, recent stops and nearby stops.
  • Fixed some issues with authorization of localization services and camera;  added diagnostics to the support page.
  • UI fixes: Fixed issues when rotating trip planner on iPad, and removed a small gap in the arrivals screen on older phones.

Here are some pictures:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Version 7.2 was released to the app store today!

UPDATE:  The app has been approved, but it may not be released until after the holidays as Apple is about to shutdown.  Let's see what happens!

Today I have released version 7.2 to the app store.  This has a several changes including:

  • Updated for iOS 8.
  • Updated streetcar data source - now the streetcar data comes directly from TriMet.  I did this as the Streercar data originally came from a different company, but they keep changing the way the data works which would break all the apps. This won't happen again as now TriMet is also providing the data.
  • Native support for iPhone 6 + 6 Plus screen sizes.
  • New MAX and WES map.
  • Added text to explain the different colors used for the arrival times.
  • Changed the keyboard type to allow emoji again.
I've been sitting on this release for a while, and have been too busy to release it (I do this in my spare time!).

I'm still working on other enhancements (e.g. prepping for localization, and watch support).  One day I'd like to fix the user interface too!

Enjoy.  Happy Hols!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Version 7.1 approved in record time (after requesting an expedited review)

This fix will sort out the problems with the Streetcar and had several other bug fixes I had been working on. It should be in the store any moment now.

7.1 - Bug fixes

Fix for all Streetcar arrivals - the data provider changed the data without any warning (the data doesnt come from TriMet, but from a third party called 'NextBus').

  • Added backBookmarks at the top’ setting.
  • iOS 7: Fixed refresh timer button so it doesnt flash.
  • iOS 7: Fixed some graphics glitches.
  • Canceled buses show the time crossed out.
  • Fixed app store link from main screen.
  • Now uses Apples geocoder for getting addresses from GPS locations.
  • Fixed issues when GPS is used for destination in Trip Planner.
  • Added back proximity alarm icon.
  • Removed black color theme; it does not work well in iOS7.
  • Changed JELD-WEN Field to Providence Park. Go Timbers!
  • Added route map with stops to arrival details.
  • Toolbar map icon now behaves consistently added new menu item to map arrivals
  • Added new URL scheme to allow other apps to launch PDX Buss trip planner.
  • Icon has been tweaked.
  • Improved responsiveness, memory usage and display of MAX & Streetcar maps.
  • Minor fixes to station search.
  • The Nearby stops option for arrivals has been updated to to show maps, routes or arrivals.