Friday, October 10, 2008

What is next?

My plans are :

  1. To work on extending how the bookmarks work (so they can be "merged").
  2. I would like it to remember the last page displayed and re-display it when it starts (so you can check the bus time, read a book, then check the time again very easily).
Unfortunately, my laptop was stolen, so work has slowed until I get a replacement (it was insured!). I didn't lose any PDX Bus files! (Phew - I'm glad I had a backup and a remote cvs repository).

New version went live!

So finally the new version went live. It has been through some major changes, including location services, multiple stop support, streetcar support, alerts and a link to this blog!

Locatin services was tricky - I wanted to make it really simple (not too many options) but also make it useful. I hope I got the balance right.