Thursday, January 20, 2011

PDX Bus 5.2 was approved very quickly by Apple!

I was surprised to find that PDX Bus version 5.2 was approved by Apple in just two days!  I think this is a record - I was expecting it until next week.  The arrivals screen now looks a little different in this new version (see left).

Here's what's new:

User requested changes (requests from this blog or twitter!):

  • Arrival screen now shows  the scheduled time in addition to the estimated time (so you can tell if a bus is running late or early).   The arrival time screen has been adjusted to make space for this (e.g. arrivals are not shown to the nearest second and a button has been removed).
  • The find stop by location feature has been updated to be more flexible and have more options (such as showing the nearest routes and going straight to a map).
  • The "busy" screen has been updated to show what stop is being downloaded.
  • Added a very large font Bus Line identifier screen. This is intended as an alternative to the large-print book provided to partially sighted travelers to let the operator know which bus they need to board.

Other updates:
  • Updated the rail map to include Bike & Ride Info.
  • Added a Facebook Fan Page.
  • Added a few more retina graphics (toolbar icons).
  • Several bug fixes and new settings (to work around a continuous refresh issue).
  • Phone will not go to sleep while showing the Night Visibility Flashing Light (user is warned).