Saturday, December 21, 2013

PDX Bus doesn't do alerts, but twitter does!

A user asked me about notifications for TriMet alerts in PDX Bus.   This is one item that it is not possible for me to do, as it would require a server.  However,  Twitter can do it for you.  Here's how.

(1) Open a twitter account, obviously.   You could even open one just for TriMet alerts and never post to it or lock it down.
(2) Install the Official Twitter app on the iPhone.
(4) Go to the TriMet Profile page in the app (search for @TriMet if you can't find it)
(6) Make sure you are following them, and click on the Cog icon to change the notifications:

(7) Click on the "Turn on notifications".

Tada!  Now you will get alerts on your phone from TriMet.