Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Version 11.0.1 :-(

Version 11.0 had a few issues.  It does not load on iOS 8 and 9.  Had to fix that. (This was because I put in a change near the end that I forgot to double check would work on those old OSes).  #candobetter

Some users are reporting issues with it hanging.  Specifically on "Lookup stop by route".  I still don't know what is causing that, I did find a little bug on that page though.

I have submitted Version 11.0.1 to Apple... so hopefully in a few days things will be a little better.


Unknown said...

Yeah I can’t get it to load any stops or stops by route. All kinds of issues with it just sitting there and loading while on my browser works totally fine :/

LLIATB said...

Just a heads up, this is still happening after the update, won’t load stops by route at all now.