Saturday, May 16, 2009

Next version has been submitted

Finally the next version has been submitted to the store. This one fixed incompatibilities with the new iPhone 3.0 software (phew). It took a little longer to fix as I ended up having to buy an iPod touch (refurbished) just to load the new operating system on it to try it out. Once I had the iPod touch it was easy to fix.

This new version also has one new feature: you can back up your bookmarks by emailing them. Not sure how useful people will find this, but I find it useful when developing as I often install and uninstall the application.

Have fun in the hot weather!


Anonymous said...

do you think you could include a large number pad for typing in stop IDs instead of the old keyboard way.

here's an example with another trimet app. this is the one thing I would love to see in your app.

Teleportaloo said...

I'll look into making it an "option" - the reasons I didn't initially was because:

(1) it doesn't have a comma, and I wanted to have a comma separated list
(2) it doesn't have a "search" or "go" button which makes it quite awkward - I have to fit the button somewhere else.

However, the buttons would be easier to use, I admit.

Terry said...

is it possible to include C-Tran, the Clark County bus system? Then you'd have the whole urban area. I've written to C-Tran proposing that they figure out how to have their data appear within TriMet's.

Teleportaloo said...

I've developed a "prototype" version to use this keyboard which I will test for a few days. I moved the "Cancel" button the left and added a "Done" button to the right. It works for me! Thanks again for the suggestion.

dmk11 said...

Nice job on this app!
Any plans on being able to search best route from point A to point B like in trimet's website? Next available or particular arrival/departure time.

Teleportaloo said...

I am working on the trip planning now - this'll be ready some time this summer (even though TriMet does the actual planning, there is still a lot of user-interface and data processing to do!).

Teleportaloo said...

I forgot to respond to the C-Tran question. I can't do anything unless C-Tran publishes the arrival data - I don't really know anything about C-Tran. I didn't see any real-time arrival times available for C-Tran on the web at all, so maybe they don't have that yet.