Sunday, December 4, 2016

Version 9 is on its way - waiting for approval from Apple.

It has been a while, some of these fixes are long overdue.  Hope you like it!  There were a lot of changes to modernize the internal code, which is what look a long time to test.

9.0 (December 2016)
- Updated for iOS 10.
- New Portland Streetcar Map.
- Fixed Trip Planner for when locale is set to several non-English locales.
- Watch app is more responsive. (Updated Watch app to be a "native" Watch OS application).
- Lots of bug fixes and UI tweaks (e.g. Contacts in iOS 10).
- Because of Apple tools, removed iOS6/iOS7 support.
- Lots of internal code changes to make new features easier to add...
- Added back link to TriMet Ticket app, as they have fixed their app and it is launchable again.

- Added 'Take me somewhere now' user interface for new bookmarks

New streetcar map:

- Andy

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