Saturday, February 27, 2016

Version 8.0 has been released to the app store...

Here we go!  Version 8.0 has been a long time being developed, tested, tweaked, re-worked and fiddled with.  Mostly it fixes some iOS9 stuff that got broken, but there are new things all over the place.

Added a bunch of stuff that folks have been asking for, bug fixes and tweaks.

  • Fixed notifications so alarms will work.
  • Updates for iOS 9 including searchable bookmarks, stations and routes. The first 4 bookmarks appear as Quick Actions on the home screen for iPhone 6S.
  • Updated TriMet MAX map - they changed it again to include the new streetcar route names and colors.
  • Using Handoff, arrival screens and trip results can be passed between devices.
  • Watch: Improved navigation though lists of stops on the watch by adding a "Next stop" button where appropriate.
  • Watch: Added automatic commuter bookmark to the watch.
  • Arrival detail screen is now auto-refreshed; added a map so now you watch watch the bus or train get closer as you wait.
  • Added support for iPad split view and overlay;  updated for iPad Pro screen size.
  • Maps that show routes and stops now also show vehicle locations for that route.
  • Maps now show buses & trains as arrows pointing in the direction of travel and using the route color.
  • Trip planner now correctly says to stay on the train if the route color changes (e.g. Orange trains change to Yellow).
  • All distances are now given in tenths of a mile or feet if shorter than 0.1 miles.  Metric distances remain the same.
  • For arrivals, added ability to find the nearest stops going in the other direction.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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