Friday, February 7, 2014

Interesting stop for Line 12 on the transit mall

I got an interesting review that there is an extra stop on line 12 when you browse the route downtown - "6th and Yamhill" appears between "5th and Madison" and "5th and Market"...

It looks like this in the app:

Well, all this data comes from TriMet.  So I asked them about it, and here's the answer:
The way the schedule is written there is a single [bus] on weekdays that ends at that stop at 1:32am. Technically it's served in that direction and route so it shows up in the stop list.
However, they are going to remove it from the list here as it is confusing... so there you go.  It isn't really wrong,  it's just that the bus doesn't go that way very often. 

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