Sunday, January 26, 2014

PDX Bus Version 7.0 is approved

It'll be in the app store soon.  I've been working on this slowly for a while, on and off.

  • Updated user interface for iOS 7
  • Fixed streetcar arrivals on Harrison.
  • Fixed location search so that stops that are both bus and rail stops are correctly filtered.
  • New icon from Rob Alan.
  • Added vehicle color "tags"
  • Added TriMet Facebook page.
  • Added support to launch TriMet Tickets App.
  • Added warning for flashing light.
  • Many toolbar icons are now optional - see settings.
  • Fixed locator screen flow.
  • Large bus line identifier now rotates on iPhone.
  • Disabled screen rotation on old iPads as it did not fully work.
  • Added rail map toolbar button to station list screen.

Check the app store to see if it's there!


Teleportaloo said...
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Teleportaloo said...

J Booth wrote: I just updated my iphone 4 to IOS 7. I automatically updated my pdxbus.teleportaloo app to IOS 8. I need the IOS 7 App and updates to IOS 7.9. Anyway to obtain the IOS 7 versions?

Response: The app store automatically will install the latest version of the app compatible with the OS installed. PDX Bus version numbers do no match the OS version. Is there a problem with the app loading?