Saturday, June 1, 2013

Long overview version 6.7 is ready!

I've been meaning to do a release since January.  This release contains several fixes and changes.  I'm still thinking about how to update the user interface, but this is not that release.  This will be available in the app store today.

Here is what I changed:
  • Bug fix - added Streetcar CL line to stop ID 9600 (SW 11th & Alder).
  • Added new options when pins on a map are selected - app can now open an external map app and display the location. Supported map apps include Google map app, Waze, MotionX-GPS, and Apple maps.
  • Several map fixes including: Maps can track with location and rotate with compass heading (iOS 5 & above); updated maps button to only show stops (and not arrivals) when there are multiple stops.
  • Updated Commuter toolbar icon.
  • Rationalized locate options; added setting to change toolbar locate button behavior, made locate icon the same.
  • User is now warned that the alarm will not sound if the device is muted (the app cannot detect if it is actually muted or not). This is to stop me sleeping through stops by accident.
  • Added a new longer, more annoying sound that can be used for alarms (see settings to change the sound).
  • Fixed keyboard not being displayed the first time user tries to enter a stop ID.
  • Added option to open Google Chrome app instead of Safari.
  • Updated URL scheme to add parameters for nearby command, e.g.:  'pdxbus://nearby&show=maps&distance=1&mode=trains'
    'show=' can be followed by 'maps', 'routes' or 'arrivals'
    'distance=' can be followed by 'closest', '0.5', '1', or '3'
    'mode=' can be followed by 'bus', 'train' or 'both'.


CharonPDX said...

As usual, great app.

Suggestion/collaboration option: I just got my hot new Pebble watch, and would love to see Pebble integration with PDX Bus. Push alerts would be great, of course, but a fully-linked Pebble app (a la Runkeeper) would be incredible. (I wonder if it would be possible to do a combo watchface+arrival time, with the stop set on the PDX Bux time.)

I'm not a developer, but from what I understand, Pebble is a good first thing to develop for...

Teleportaloo said...

Hi ChaonPDX - maybe one day I will look into this. I'm hoping that some things with the pebble watch will just begin to work better without me doing anything. Right now I don't have time to do this and I don't have one of those watches, I'm not planning on getting one.

Anonymous said...

Love the app. Anywhere we can donate?

Garlynn Woodsong said...

Um... how do I bookmark a stop on an iPhone 4 (iOS 6.1)? I can see that the ability exists, since Pioneer Square North is bookmarked by default; but how can I, say, add my house, my parent's house, etc. as bookmarks? I just don't see where this option lives, and can't find any reference to it in the docs (aside from to a "bookmark button icon" that only seems to appear for trips, not stops).

Thanks -- otherwise, love this app!

Teleportaloo said...

Hi Garlynn - There is a bookmark icon at the bottom of every arrival screen... Also, on the home screen there is an edit button. When it edit mode you can add a bookmark. Let me know if you find it or if it is missing...

Teleportaloo said...

Anonymous - sorry - no way to donate!