Saturday, September 15, 2012

PDX Bus, new street car loop and iOS6

There is a lot going on in the iPhone world.  Here's an outline of what I am doing:

The next release (6.4) will contain:
(1) Initial support for the new streetcar loop.  (The data for the street car comes from a different company than TriMet, and the app has to do work to "mash up" the data to make it look seamless.  I can't really test this in advance so I hope it will work!).  This is only partial support as detours and station search will not yet work.
(2) Initial support for new iOS6 map routing - if you ask for a transit route in the map and the route starts and ends within the TriMet area, the new map app will load up PDX Bus and use the routing in PDX Bus.
(3) Initial support for iOS6.  I don't yet know if I will support the new screen size for iPhone 5 in the first drop - but I am getting one on the 21st (wooo hoooo!) so I will be working that eventually.
(4) Unfortunately this will not support the original iPhone running iOS3 or anything earlier than iOS 4.3.  If many people ask I could make a new app just for that - but very few people are still using those devices.

Release 6.5 will contain:
(1) Full support for the new streetcar, maybe even a map, station search and detours.
(2) Full support for iOS6.


Ray said...

Great app. I use it all the time. Thanks for all the work you do.

Hélène Michel said...

I was just wondering, is this available in a blackberry smartphone? It would be extremely helpful if it was. Thanks!

Teleportaloo said...

Hélène Michel - sorry - I have no plans for a blackberry version.