Friday, November 18, 2011

PDX Bus 6.1 ready!

Apple has approved a new version that fixes many small bugs and adds a couple of small features - this is a recommended upgrade for all users. 
- Now caches arrival times, so users can still see arrivals with no network (especially for iPod touch, as requested on this blog below).
- Night Visibility Flasher can now flash the LED. 
- Added Twitter style "Pull to Refresh" feature to arrivals. 
- Added a quick locate toolbar item to the first screen. 
- Fixed many small bugs, including issues discovered with Apple's latest tools.


Marés said...

This upgrade is great! As an iPod Touch user, the cached arrival times are especially helpful. Much easier than trying to remember the different times buses are coming before leaving the house. One addition that I would highly recommend would be adding offline/downloadable schedules for iPod Touch users. I know this may be stretching it a bit from the app's general function, but as far as I know, there is no other app that provides offline TriMet schedule information. This would be an incredibly useful feature.

Thank you for taking my comments into consideration, and for providing such a great app!


Dave said...

Thanks for a great app. Recently, I've run across the problem that the location service stays on, even if I close the program and restart. I read that we should not close the program while locating a stop, but I have not done that. This problem is draining my battery. Best, Dave.

Teleportaloo said...

Marés - thanks for your feedback! Sorry, offline schedules would be a huge amount of work (the data is in a completely different format and would mean I would have to implement a database of data) - I don't really have time to do that... :-(

Teleportaloo said...

Dave - that used to be a problem, but I would need to know exactly what screen you were on when it happened - I released 6.1 in order to fix this and I thought I have found it everywhere!