Monday, May 24, 2010

Version 4.1 available now - improved cancel button!

What's new:

- Cancel button now cancels immediately
- Fonts tweaked on iPad
- Fixed an occasional crash
- Updated the about page


Ed H. said...

Excellent app! I found it about a year ago, but didn't have much use for it then, as my job wasn't suited to taking Tri-Met often.

But that all changed in March. I got a new job, where I am now reliant on the joy that is bus scheduling. Do I take this one or that one? Do I transfer or go nonstop? Do I need to sprint to make the last run of the night, or do I slowly walk to the not-preferred line's stop?

You, sir, have created the one non-Apple iPhone app that resides on my first home screen. I don't see any "PayPal Donate" link, so I'd like to offer you one beverage of your choice (hot/cold, morning/evening, whatever.) I work 9A-6P in downtown Portland, and would gladly meet you at coffee shop/bar of your choice before or after those hours. (Or during lunch from 1:00-2:00 near Pioneer Place.)

Teleportaloo said...

Thanks for you kind offer!

My suggestion to people who want to donate would be to donate something small to a local charity instead, such as something for the homeless or the zoo.