Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Network problems?

Some users (including me!) are seeing very slow network updates, so slow that PDX Bus sometimes crashes.

As far as I can tell, the slowness is with the network.  The reason that PDX Bus crashes is that it is unresponsive while it accesses the network, and the iPhone OS thinks it has crashed and kills it.

I have a fix - the next version of PDX Bus has been significantly re-worked.  It will have a whirly thing on the screen, a progress bar, and all network access is done in the background.  This will not speed it up, but it will stop it from crashing.

Meanwhile - if it is very slow for you then try to access only one stop at a time, the new version of PDX Bus will be along very soon!


Anonymous said...

hey! out of all the trimet apps i've tried, i'd hafta say that THIS one is the best out of them all! keep up the good work!

one minor thing that I wanna see changed is either: quicker startup loading times and/or get rid of the pic of the MAX at startup. aesthetically, I personally don't like there. it just doesn't feel right with the app. of course, if people still want it there, could you perhaps allow the option whether or not to display the pic? thx

Teleportaloo said...

Isn't this a repeat of the same post?

Here is a repeat of my reply:
Hi Anonymous - the startup time is as short as it can be now - it used to try to get the previous displayed arrivals but it no longer does anything with that picture showing. It isn't possible to make the startup picture optional.

Honestly, the picture is only displayed very briefly, and I have no problem with it. I do intend to change it occasionally - this is the second picture that I've had there, currently I don't have a replacement lined up.