Thursday, October 1, 2009

Version 3.1.1 fixed connectivity; but requires iPhone OS 3.1 (by mistake)

Dear Users,

I rushed out a fix for the connectivity issues seen by some folks, but by mistake it now requires iPhone OS 3.1 to install.  It takes Apple over a week to approve any changes to an app - so I need to fix this again and submit another version.  Sorry about that!  Maybe I shouldn't have rushed the fix (I actually fixed this on the same day I found out - it took 10 days for Apple to approve it).

So the good news:  connectivity fixed.
Bad news:  if you haven't upgraded to version iPhone OS 3.1 then the upgrade won't work.  You could always upgrade the OS? :-/

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Teleportaloo said...

Apologies to the anonymous person who left a request for email support - I would rather use the comments for support. See my posting on why!