Sunday, July 19, 2009

[Fixed!] Browsing for stops appears to be broken!

Browsing for stops appears to be broken today. I have contacted TriMet to find out why - it appears that a particular database query that PDX Bus is using returns no data.

Also downloading the location database, which uses a similar database query also does not return any data.

I hope it gets fixed soon! This is, as far as I know, is the first time there has been an problem like this...

[UPDATE: 9:20pm Sunday - TriMet got back to me, they'll have a fix tomorrow! I'm impressed they got back to me so late on a weekend.]
[UPDATE 2: 9:20am Monday - TriMet emailed me to say it has been fixed, I confirm that the current application works now. Sweet! Nice of them to get it done so quickly.]


Unknown said...

I noticed it was broken yesterday shortly after dinner

Teleportaloo said...

Thanks. Seeing as I am working on an update I have worked out a way to make it "more robust", so if this happens again in the same way the app can deal with it by trying a different query.

It is frustrating as I cannot quickly fix the app and TriMet is doesn't work over the weekend, so lets see what happens on Monday.